monday morning recap

April 23, 2012

Our sweet friend Chelsy from our old ward took some pictures of our little family yesterday. You should check out her website here. She is a phenomenal photographer! I am excited to see more pictures.

We had a fabulous weekend. And by fabulous I mean super busy, emotional and sunburns! Michael's family was in town for his last home match ever. He played with his whole heart and soul. Goodness I love watching him in his element. He inspires me so much. And I'll love him forever for it. 

I am very sad to see this stage of our life come to an end. We both had wonderful experiences with college athletics so having him still competing was like holding onto those memories. Soon it will be officially over. Oh to have those young bodies that can work out like no one's business! {Well, Michael still has his :)} 

My sweet sisters-in-law and I had some fun girl time. Ya know- painting nails, watching chick flicks, shopping! They are the two little sisters I always wanted. We ended our weekend with a wonderful church service, time with the Jackson family and dinner with friends. Fabulous indeed. 

I am heading to California this week! Wednesday I go down to watch the BYU cougars compete in conference all week. We all have our fingers crossed for them. If you are in the area, come on down to the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego. Or if you are in the area and want to meet up let me know!! {miss emily dunn???!}


  1. You're coming this way?! Miss Katie Vargo is coming down on Friday. Don't know how long you'll be in town or where exactly, but I'd love to get together!

  2. Umm yes! I would love that. How long will you be in town? Let me know! Love love to see you :)