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April 2, 2012

First I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post! I am so thankful for all the advice and recommendations that you each offered. The support means so much to me as I learn this whole momma thing! One of the many reasons I love blogging - the friendships and support that you form. Thank you to each of you for your kindness! 

On another note, we had a great last weekend in Ohio. My mom and I went to a fashion fabric/quilting expo in Cleveland where we bought lots of amazing fabrics for something I am working on. We also had my cousin Abby, her husband and two darling kiddos over for dinner on Saturday. It was so fun to see them! My mom's birthday was yesterday so my Uncle Barry came down to visit and then of course we watched general conference as well! I feel so inspired and refreshed to start this week! If you missed it and would like to check out some of the talks given go here

Michael and I usually video chat every evening to make the distance less of a sting these last few weeks. Plus, I always want to show him the new thing Sydney is doing so he can get all excited like me. Last night as I admired my handsome husband via my computer screen, I couldn't help but realize that this man makes me so very happy. He isn't perfect, I am not perfect, but somehow in that imperfection we find a whole lot of joy and love. We are young. We kind of did things backwards with the whole having a baby before you graduate, let alone even having a stable job/future, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love our little family and even though it's difficult a times, struggling together has brought us so much closer. Those moments when you are on your knees praying for your spouse, your family - those are the most humbling and come from a place in my heart I never knew existed. I love my dear husband so much and I want him to achieve every dream he's every dreamed and more. The future is unclear, but with him by my side, I know we can make it through anything.  

Cheers to a happy monday! 

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