sunday and finding yourself in love

May 21, 2012

{sporting my mother's day necklace x2 - pearl from last year, monogram from this year - one side says "M" for michael and the other side has an "S" for sydney :) my absolute favorite gift}

Yesterday was a magical sunday spent with our little family of three. Three. Sydney is the best addition yet. Funny how these kind of moments give you that little pitter patter in your heart. I seriously could not be more thankful for my love and my babe. I am in love with both of them, more than my heart can take sometimes. 

Hope you had a special weekend!


  1. Diggin' the middle part! Cute pics!

    1. thanks jlo. miss you tons. i need to make a trip to arizonaaaa

  2. you look GORGEOUS in these pictures!! I love the center part with your long hair and your red lips!! What a BABE?!?!!? :)))