Trip to California Part I {by my phone}

May 1, 2012

Sydney and I flew down to California last week to watch Michael play his last matches as a BYU cougar. It was an emotional thing for me to watch him play knowing it was the last time. I was so very proud of him. My heart was so full of gratitude for such a hard working and persevering husband. If anyone knows Michael, they know he is not a quitter. He had so much on his plate this semester {including hard sciences, MCAT course, shadowing, volunteering, church work, Tennis, being a new dad and of course an amazing husband}. There were many moments that I watched him struggle to stay awake as midnight rolled around, but he would insist I go to bed as he would be a few more hours. He just chose to have faith and we feel so thankful for God's blessings in helping us both make it through the last few months. This guy worked so stinkin' hard! And for what? For his family. He always whispers to me, I am doing this for you. It makes me feel so special and so safe. I've got quite the hubby over here! Just sayin'.

Anyway, it was such an awesome little vacation. We spent the first two days with my dear sister Diana and her three kids in Corona. These pictures pretty much sum up our time: Drive to San Diego, drive back, go to ballerina class, enjoy company, take naps, repeat! I loved every second of it. Who knew in laws could feel like blood! I keep telling Michael I feel like I am colombian, but I guess it's just wishful thinking. At least the babe's got half! 

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