we're that family that plays tennis with their baby

May 8, 2012

Not many people know (perhaps because of my lack of the ability to hit a ball over the net prior to college), but I love tennis. It is my favorite sport to play, behind running of course. It tops my love of lacrosse and soccer even. I think its the combo of feminine and beastly all in one sport. Love the cute skirts and the sprinting across court to barely get to the ball. It's intense. The only hard part is having a husband who can hit a ball like 120 miles an hour. Yea, can't even think fast enough to try and get to those balls. They just bullet right past me. But he is nice enough to slow it down so we can do some rallies. 

Well there you have it, one of our favorite things to do as family. Pretty sure as evidenced by the pictures, Sydney has a natural love for the sport. In all seriousness, she loves tennis balls {to eat them that is}. 

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