a thousand words by my iphone

June 5, 2012

cuddles & swings
date nights & soccer games
walks & flowers
church & mary janes
rompers & books
moments & love
canyon runs & nakey baby
draper temple & peonies
campus visits & mama's hat
daddy time & crawling

Can you tell summer time is approaching? I am so so excited for a lot of fun things in the next few months. Let the countdown begin, the MCAT is over in 16 days! Thank goodness...


  1. SOO SO cute! You are so darling. and I totally know what you mean about the MCAT. I was the same way when Aaron was taking the LSAT. SO SO ready for it to be done!!

    1. YES! I can't wait any longer! It will be so nice to have a husband again! haha

  2. you and your little family are the cutest!