confessions from a first time momma

July 10, 2012

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite thing about being a momma is. This question is so difficult for me to answer! Truly. There are so many things I love about it; from the late night cuddles to the sweet little laughter, to the innocent and perfect smiles, to the "daddy's girl" bond, to the hard work, to the story times, to the moments I get on my knees and thank God over and over, to the dreaming up dreams and so on. 

But maybe my favorite thing is learning love. I always thought I knew what love was. I mean I have fallen in love a few times in my life. I fall hard and I love hard. Michael and I, we love each other. I love romance and passion and giving everything for someone.  I know I have felt it and have it in my life. So in my mind, I thought I knew what love was. Well the love I knew is magnified times a million with this little girl of mine. Maybe its perspective, maybe its maturity, but I have a whole different understanding of that little word. 

I would do anything to make her feel safe and loved. I would give up anything to be there for her. I would give my life to protect her. I would do anything to help her fulfill every dream she has, big or small. I will love her no matter how many times she falls on her face. Being a mother has allowed me to begin to understand God's love for me and how big and encompassing it truly is. What an amazing blessing to have a glimpse of such love. I know in time it will continue to grow and with more children it will become that more beautiful. 

Love. It's amazing really. 


  1. such a tender post, so happy for your little family :)

  2. ok i have missed her little face and your blog! I have been out for a couple weeks! darling darling post. awe you are the cutest mom!

  3. Love it. :) No really, you have a way of writing that reaches others. I can relate with what you wrote. Thank you.