August 23, 2012

Michael starts his last semester of undergrad next week and I am dreading it. Not only does he have school, but he also has a full time job. That means I will be a lonely girl for a few months. Thank goodness I have a little baby to keep me company :) So to prepare for this drastic change we have been soaking up every second we have together. After we brought Sydney to her doctor's appointment today (she has a horrible flu) we headed to Communal. After being up with her all night I needed something yummy to complete my sweats, no makeup, sleep deprived day. Let me just say this, it is our new favorite spot in Provo. This little restaurant is modern, chic, and homey. Not to mention my smokin' hot cousin works there. The food was delicious and although we took it go with our sick babe, I can't wait to go back soon and try more of their goodness! Their limeade was TO DIE FOR. It is freshly squeezed every day. And it was served in a darling mason jar. Perfection. PS. Their burgers are like 80% meat and 20% bacon, what? That is amazing. 


  1. My hubby would love those burgers! So sad Sydney is sick... she is adorable! Miss you guys.