August 27, 2012

I know everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie, which is why I couldn't not post this recipe. This recipe doesn't just produce a "good" cookie, it produces a phenomenal cookie. When I found this recipe from Kate, I couldn't wait to make them for my little brother who is in the MTC. He specifically asked for some amazing chocolate chip cookies, so well, these were it! The gooey, crispy, tasty, can't just eat one, or two or three cookie. It requires a little bit of work, so give yourself more than a day in advance to make them. Practice some patience and enjoy these cookies from the heavens. PS. In one batch I added some crushed pecans, because well, I LOVE them. But they were equally amazing without them. 

I was so sad I forgot to take pictures of the finished cookies, 
so I borrowed one from Kate's blog post. 
Don't they just look amazing? Wait until you taste them.

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  1. I'm going to try these! Thanks for sharing.

  2. you are welcome! Seriously they are so good, let me know how they turn out