confessions from a first time momma

August 3, 2012

1. If you would have told me eight and half months ago that this little girl would be the best thing that ever happened to me, I don't think I would have completely comprehended.
2. Quite possibly the best thing ever is cuddling your little one in your arms- at any time of the day or night. 
3. Hearing your hubby over the baby monitor squealing as high as can be as his little girl does her wiggle dance cause she hasn't seen him all morning - that may be a close second. 
4. While we're talking about the hubs, watching them chase each other on all fours throughout the house is really an afternoon well spent. 
5. Baby food all over the face, and the hands, and the legs, feet, toes and everything else in near proximity, well for some reason it doesn't bother me anymore! (this is a big step!)
6. Sydney actually letting me read her books instead eating them and turning the pages as quickly as can be, well that deserves a hallelujah moment! 
7. I might have thought I knew what a happy baby was, until I met Sydney. She takes the cake on that one. I am not just being biased. I have never met such a happy little soul! I'll love her forever for it.
8. I could probably spend all day making a 'to-do' list, but as every mom knows, those lists are often better labeled 'to-do once my baby goes to bed' lists. 
9. Sydney and I are both so happy when daddy comes home. I love those moments. 
10. If you want to see how fast you can run and how protective you are of your child - tell the local SWAT team to use 2 stun grenades on the house directly behind you (I mean only 15 feet away, literally). Oh and don't forget to leave your windows open. Seriously, the loudest sounds I have ever heard in my life. I thought they were gun shots in my house! This night ended with a mom hysterically crying and shaking, with her baby beside her the whole entire night. Not one wink of sleep. 

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