in which we eat berries.

August 21, 2012

It's early morning right now. The sun is barely saying hello over those big Utah mountains. It's time for breakfast over here. Sydney and I have been experimenting with food lately. She would much prefer real food to that puréed baby stuff. She must think she is a big girl now, something I am afraid is too early to start. She is fascinated by the new textures and tastes and the fact that pretty much everything tastes better after it's squished through her little fingers. I love watching her try new things. I also love her wispy baby hairs. And the way she now claps her hands every time she tastes something she loves. Oh and I think she wanted me to pick her up or something, berry juice dripping and all.


  1. haha, so fun! thats great that she is willing to try new things for you!

    1. yes it makes eating a little easier! haha