August 31, 2012

 In my BYU Stripes all ready to go! (first time i did my hair all week haha)

A sweet friend of mine had a few extra tickets to the BYU opener last night. Michael has to wake up super early so he decided it wasn't best to go to the game. Considering I didn't get home until after midnight, that was probably a good idea! Instead, I took my great friend Rousseline. We are neighbors and our little babes get together every now and again. So we had a fun girls night, while our husbands took on the mommy badge ;) It was her first time ever at a BYU football game and she has been here for almost eight years! I was so happy to share that moment with her. It was an exciting night  and a great way to start off a new year of BYU athletics.  

So the weekend has finally arrived and I am more than happy to welcome it. I don't know about you, but this week was especially long. I am not sure what we will be doing, but I think it might involve a lot of relaxing, catching up on homework, and playing endless rounds of peek-a-boo with my little lady.  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 


  1. Jessica!!! You are so cute! I'm happy to know one of my favorite Hauser sisters is still in Provo!

  2. You are so pretty, Jessica! So jealous you got to go to the game.