saying goodbye

August 16, 2012

It started off with our last family video chat and ended with a curbside drop off and lots of tears. My little brother Taylor is now Elder Hauser and now calls the MTC home for the next two months. Then he will be off to Merida, Mexico!

It was so nice to have my family in town the last few days. We enjoyed our last moments with Taylor and secretly wished we didn't have to say goodbye. I think I did pretty well until I watched my dad give him his last father's blessing before we dropped him off at the MTC. It was a beautiful blessing. His words were full of love and encouragement. Afterwards, we all piled into the car and drove to the MTC. There were so many families hugging their young men with tears rolling down their faces. We then had our turn for our last few pictures with Taylor and some forever long hugs. I will tell you this- as a parent I am not sure how you prepare for this moment. As I watched my sweet mother hold her little boy, I couldn't help but think all you can really do is put your trust in God that he will be protected as he does the lord's work. It was a moment I hope someday to have with my own boys. A moment, as a mother, that you could not be more proud of the sacrifices you and they have made to get them to this point. It was beautiful.

And then came the moment I think my whole family didn't want to see. My little brothers are best friends. They just have the most special relationship. Watching them embrace for the last time was so special. I love them both so much and I know they will rely on each other a lot to get through the next two years.

It was an emotional day, but one to remember. We are all so proud of our Elder Hauser. He is going to make such an amazing missionary with his sweet spirit! May God be with you until we meet again Taylor. We love you so very much.

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