September 4, 2012

Sydney was my date Saturday night. After being in the house all day I decided to take her to play in the fountains at the Riverwoods Mall. The last time we went, she was scared of the water, but this time she sat there for twenty minutes trying to drink it. Whenever she crawled over the water jets, she would be so confused what was hitting her tummy so she would back up and look down to a bunch of water splashing her face. She is such a funny little girl. I grabbed some Malawi's Pizza on our way out to bring home. I am pretty sure the guy at the counter thought I was really weird for being there alone. He couldn't get over the fact that I only wanted one water cup... what the? Anyway we had a wonderful little night of absolute girl time. I couldn't resist going to Soel and getting some baby books, baby tights, headbands and something for momma :) We should do this more often when daddy is out of town for the night! 

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