growing up: letters to my girl

September 21, 2012

(It is getting harder to take pictures of my moving girl, sorry!)

My dearest Sydney,
My heart is so full of love for you. Again, I can't believe you are one month older. I just want to slow you down, but I love that you are growing at the same time. You are just the sweetest little thing. You always want to make everyone feel loved so you flash your smile at anyone who will look at you. Your favorite thing right now is this little dal. We haven't named him yet, but I think he is finding his way into your heart. You love to clap your hands and dance all the time. Someday I think you will be quite a little diva at weddings and parties when the music comes on. You also love to laugh. I don't think I've heard anything cuter. I just love it when you laugh. You have taken a few steps here and there, but are still a little hesitant to take more than a few. I am okay with that. Once you start walking, I am sure a whole new world will be opened for the both of us. You have started to say mama all the time now which I absolutely love. It makes it that much harder to put you to bed though. I just can't stand to hear my name being called over the baby monitor. Anyway, you are such a little explorer. I wish I could just capture every beautiful moment we have together and stash them away in a box. You truly make my life full of joy. I can't wait for the months and years to come. You are so special to us my dear! We love you more than anything in the whole world. 


  1. dang onions....
    this is so sweet. and a great idea to write letters to your little girl. totes doing this when I have babies.
    annnnd she might just be the cutest little peanut ever.

  2. Oh my goodness this is the cutest picture I have yet seen! She is such a sweet little doll!

  3. oh that is adorable! i can't believe she is starting to walk. so crazy! why do they keep growing up? she's like a little toddler! ahhh!

  4. Your little girl is truly adorable. And that is a completely unbiased opinion coming from a stranger! Where do you come up with all these adorable bows and headbands? Do you make a lot of them? Any good tutorials you know of? I am particularly interested in #7.