September 5, 2012

Can I just say that Kohl's has the best shopping carts for kids? This was our first time, as you can see by Sydney's excitement, but I swear I will go to Kohl's just for the carts. Syd loves to be facing forward, so she can grab anything she can get her hands on :) I think a woman must have invented them. It is just so much more fun to be able to ride solo like you are driving the cart, I think. haha Anyway, I found these darling patterned tights the other day and I just fell in love. I am so excited for fall for many reasons, but I will admit, fall fashion has my heart- almost. Fall in New York can never be beat. However, you bet I am getting ready for jackets, scares, hats, sweaters, tights, and boots... all for the baby girl. I might have to dress in a paper bag or something. 


  1. I love Kohl's carts too! they aren't humungo and hard to push around like most other carts :) lovely tights too. Fall is the best<3

  2. Where can I get those tights in a grownup size? Her style beats mine times a million -- good job!!

    P.S. If you ever need a free babysitter on any weekdays, I'm so down.