October 25, 2012


My dear girl,

This month was filled with so many firsts! You have learned some new words and talk to us constantly. I am not sure what you are trying to say, but sometimes you are very adamant you get your point across ;). You started to wave hello a few weeks ago and it is just the cutest thing. You kind of just flap your hand around. It's adorable. You have recently learned to love the hair brush. Usually you will take it and pat yourself on the head with it, trying to brush those long locks. You continue to love dancing, music, and anything fun. When your dad comes home you will not let him put you down. I think it is your most favorite part of the day. The biggest milestone we reached this month is walking!! You are a all over the place my dear. You can stand up from sitting all by yourself. Sometimes you find creative ways to do that, but oh my you look like such a big girl every time. So crawling is like so for babies I guess, because you try anyway possible to walk everywhere you go. It's pretty funny. You have a new love of soccer balls thanks to our dear friend Krystel. Who knows, maybe you will be out little soccer player. Everywhere we go you want to make new friends. You love other little kids and babies. You haven't learned how to play with them quite yet, you just want to tap their heads as if they were drums. Or sometimes you steal their pacifiers because you're not quite sure what they are. But it's all in innocent exploring! Sydney your very first birthday is coming and I just can't believe it. One year of the happiest memories of my life. You bring so much joy into our home. I love you more than ever! xoxo



  1. She is SO ADORABLE! I am loving her hair right now! I love these cute letters too, what a treasure they will be for her when she is older :)

  2. I hope you don't mind, I shared this post with my little sister because I absolutely love the idea of putting all of these pictures together and being able to really see how much she has grown each month. It blows my mind!! Those teeth!! She is turning into a real lady :) I hope my sister does this too...It's beautiful.