October 18, 2012

While we were out running errands, Michael called me and asked me to meet him on campus. He missed his girls! Sydney and I hurried over and met him at the duck pond between his clases. She was fascinated by those little birds- which really means we almost had a little girl swimming with the ducks. I love the moments I have to sit down with her and try to teach her things (even though I know she doesn't always understand). I just love being the one who gets that privilege. Now that Sydney is walking, yes, WALKING, all hands are on deck. She still stumbles here and there, but thinks she is invincible. If you have yet to have the pleasure of driving with Sydney in the car, you will be amazed. This little girl of mine is determined to get out of her car seat the entire time. All you can hear are her little grunts and holding of breaths as she is pushing as hard as the can against her straps. It's amazing really how she never gives up. Makes me kind of happy :)

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