growing up: letters to my girl

November 26, 2012

My sweet little lady,
Has a year really passed? As you laid on my chest last night with your little fingers holding tightly to my shoulder, I let some tears go. It has been an unbelievable year. You are a stunning little girl in so many ways. You bring so much happiness into our home and into the lives of everyone you meet. Throughout this year you have taught more about life and myself than I ever thought imaginable. You have a heart of gold. You are the sweetest, most happy little soul. I often wonder why I have been so blessed to have you. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with you. I shared that moment with you all by myself. Daddy was out of town for the weekend. I remember a rush of emotions, of fear and excitement, not really knowing how to comprehend the positive on that pregnancy test. Nine months later I was holding you all through the night after you came into the world. I was so sleep deprived, but not wanting to close my eyes. You were here. I felt so much joy. I couldn't stop admiring every little thing about you. You were perfect. God-made and heaven sent. My little angel. One year later, you are still my little angel. You bring more joy than I have ever experienced in my whole twenty three years. You have grown so much this year. I love you more than ever and my heart is full of the most perfect memories of you. I can't wait for the years to come. Having you in my life helps me remember how blessed we are, how perfect God's plan is, and how much God must love us. My love for you is immense. Thank you Sydney for making me a better person and for loving me with all the sweet little hands, kisses, and hugs you can muster. I love you darling girl. 

I will love you forever and always,



  1. such a sweet letter, you really are blessed, and so is she to have you as her momma!

  2. These pictures are so sweet. I NEED to do this with my next baby!!