to the queen of exploring

February 6, 2013

Hello there little lady! Mommy can hardly keep up with you these days. Every moment is a "ready, set, go" in our house. But as tired as I may be, the giggle at the end of a chase is so worth it. I have fallen hard for you miss sydney. Sometimes during your adventures through our home, you pause and look back to make sure I am still there. A smile flashes across your dimpled cheeks and off you go again.   But today, you looked back and ran towards me with arms that said pick me up please. (those arms are to die for). So I picked you up and spun you around until we were both dizzy from giggles. You made my day as you puckered your lips and leaned in for a kiss. My heart burst for the one millionth time today. Really & truly, I love you so my little goose! 

dress: homemade by my mom || moccasins: Freshly Picked || backpack: Skip Hop Zoo

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