April 22, 2013

Sydney and I have had the most wonderful time in New York City this past week and a half. Spring is starting to say hello in the Big Apple and oh my goodness the blossoms are just lovely. Yesterday I took Sydney to Central Park after church because she has loved that place so much this week. I snapped a few photos as she curiously observed everything around her. She is my adventurer this one. I love her to pieces. I only wish her daddy could have been here to see how she admired the flowers & stopped to smell every single one. We love you New York, truly I feel so at home. Let's hope it's not too long before our next visit! 

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  1. Jessica, I love the look of your blog. I don't know if you have time, but I would love to hire you to give my aspiring author webpage a good look. Thanks for the fun visit today. :)